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The Bond Buyer - Moody's upgrades Ohio to Aaa

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December 1, 2023


Moody's Investors Service Friday lifted Ohio's issuer default and general obligation ratings to triple-A based on strong  nancial management and an economy that's "poised for diversi cation and growth."

The state now boasts the coveted top issuer rating from Moody's and Fitch Ratings, which upgraded it in September, 2022. S&P Global Ratings pegs the state one notch below the top mark at AA-plus
with a stable outlook.

Moody's upgrade re ects Ohio's "sound budgetary and  nancial management, highlighted by a trend of strong and growing reserves and liquidity, and affordable  xed costs associated with Ohio's low and declining leverage," the agency said in the upgrade report.

Though the state's economic and demographic trends have typically lagged the nation and "that will not change rapidly," Moody's predicted that "recent major investments related to electric vehicles and microchips will drive growth in high paying manufacturing jobs."

Moody's last rated Ohio with its highest credit rating in 1979, according to the state.

Republican Gov. Mike DeWine called the upgrade "strong external validation that our strategy is delivering results for Ohio. I am proud that our record shows we are the best state to live, grow or start a business, and raise a family."

The upgrade affects $6.7 billion of Moody's-rated GO bonds, which includes $864 million of highway capital improvement bonds that feature a GO pledge. The ratings agency also upgraded $2.9 billion of outstanding lease appropriation bonds and certi cates of participation to Aa1 from Aa2.

Moody's lifted several other state-related credits, including $879 million of Garvee bonds issued by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

"Our  finances are stronger than at any time in history, our economy is surging ahead, and our budget is focused on ensuring that all corners of Ohio grow," said Ohio Of ce of Budget and Management Director Kimberly Murnieks in a statement. "We have reduced taxes and invested in results, and our priorities will continue to provide unlimited opportunities for Ohioans."

The upgrade makes Ohio the 17th state that's rated triple-A by Moody's.